Planning on selling your home or want your home to look picture perfect?  Ranger’s Painting can help you. Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships with clients and in order to gain our clients’ trust, with focus on QUALITY.  We make sure that all our clients are completely satisfied after our job is done. Call us today for a free estimate! 



1. Setup

● Rooms and areas to be painted are scheduled with the client

● Large furniture is moved to the center of the room

● Furniture is covered with plastic to protect against splatters of paint

● Floors are covered with drop cloths


2. Prep

● Holes and cracks in walls are filled

● Walls are sanded

● Stains, such as water marks, are sealed

● Walls/surfaces to be painted are cleaned


3. Painting

● Repaired areas are primed

● Paint is applied by roller and brush

● Ceiling and walls are painted to proper coverage and finish color.

● Clean cut lines between trim & walls.

● Only quality paints are used


4. Clean-up

● Furniture is moved back to original Positions

● Floors and carpets are thoroughly vacuumed and swept

● All trash is removed daily

● Touch-up paint is left with the client 



1. Pressure Washing

 ● Dirt and dust buildup is removed

 ● Loose paint chips are cleaned up

 ● landscaping, flowers, walkways are protected

 ● Doors and windows are protected


2. Scraping and minor maintenance

 ● All loose paint is removed, all bare areas are primed

 ● All bare areas are primed

 ● Glossy areas are sanded

 ● Areas around doors and windows are caulked.                                


3. Painting

 ●  Surface is primed to help for adherence of final finish

 ● All non-painted surfaces are covered to protect against splatter and drips

 ● Paint is applied with sprayer, roller and brush depending on the surface

 ● Only quality paints are used


4. Clean-up

 ● Performed daily and after the job has been completed

 ● All trash is removed

 ● Touch-up paint is left with the client 

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